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Burnt Turtle

What Is Burnt Turtle?

Burnt Turtle is a T-shirt and lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping people find their happy place in life. We will produce one cool and funny shirt each month and make it available for pre-orders. You can pre-order a shirt anytime one catches your eye or you can become a Burnt Turtle member and receive a new shirt each month plus some other cool stuff like discounts at area businesses, limited edition items and invites to member-only parties. We believe in community and the goal is to help build a happy and fun-loving community.

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Simplify your wardrobe.
One new T-shirt every month.

We have two rules. Rule 1: Keep things simple. Rule 2: Keep things fun. We have combined both rules with our Burnt Turtle Tees. We do one original T-shirt per month and we make sure that each tee is fun.

The way the program works is that each month we post a new original T-shirt and take orders for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days we ship all pre-orders and then a new shirt is posted.

If you are interested in keeping things really simple, keep scrolling to learn more about our Premium Membership program.

Burnt Turtle Philosophy

Burnt Turtle’s life philosophy emphasizes the simple things in life and every day pleasures that we take for granted. It is a clear, lazy day lounging on your favorite beach and soaking in the cool vibes breezing through the air. It is an ice cold beverage in your flipper. The kind that perfectly balances out the serotonin levels coursing through your brain. This is everyday life now. This is life in the slow lane.

Burnt Turtle T-shirt Club. Monthly T-shirt, member only merch, & awesome discounts. 

We will ship you a new Burnt Turtle Tee every month and a mystery gift each quarter.

Plus, as a premium member you'll receive discounts at some of our favorite Pensacola area businesses, special promo codes on limited edition items and invites to member-only parties.

Take advantage of the member discounts each month and it is almost like you are getting a monthly T-shirt for free.

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Island Culture Tiki Bar Crawfish Boil Image Gallery

April 20, 2019 - 120 LBS of Crawfish Devoured - Lots of Happy Customers

Free Membership

What you get: 
Discounts at some of our favorite places and invites to special events/parties.